Sunday, November 14, 2010

Angels in my house

I have had four of these porcelain doll heads on a shelf for about a year.  They stare out at me every time I go into my art room.  I have always thought that I would resell them, as is, for others to decorate.  But, after looking at Christmas decorations on Friday, reading numerous blogs, I decided that something should be done with them.  Then I can sell them.

Here's what they all looked like before I decorated them.
Pretty, but bald.  I love the hand painting of the facial features.  They are really sweet.

Here's the first one I did:
I decorated her with bits of old lace and trim.  Then I added feather wings, a crown button, and tinsel for the halo.
This is the second angel I transformed.  I used that crinkled up shredded paper for her hair, old lace, an old earring and feather wings.

Here she is from the side so you get a better look at the lace covering her head.

Here is the third one I completed.  I think she better fits in as a fairy.  I haven't put wings on her.  Don't think she needs them.  What do you think??
Since she is wearing a hat made out of coffee dyed flower petals, she is probably a fairy.

I completed the last one late last night.  I will have to photograph here later today.  Will post her later today.  Check back later this afternoon.  Got a lot going on this morning.  See you then????  Here she is:


Robin said...

They are adorable...I especially like the fairy one! These would look wonderful atop a beautifully decorated bottle.


Sweet Sage said...

Judy, Judy!!
These are the sweetest angel faces!
FABulous work you've done! You are such an amazing talent, girl!
Headed to the booth this morning, a little re-vamping to do .. see you soon :)
Let's go junking sometime!!..

nancarts said...

These are so beautiful! How artistic! I love the pink tree. I think I will have to have one of those! It is so pretty. Your pics are great. All of your table scapes are so well done ..they look amazing. Like the round mirror idea.
If you get a minute drop by my blog and enter my give away. I will be adding more stuff later this week. You could win!

Smiles and Blessings