Monday, November 8, 2010

More pretty room settings

More of the lovely rooms in the Lucketts Design House.
I love this dresser.  The lamps are pretty and I especially like all the polar bears.
 That sunburst mirror on the wall was gorgeous!  I see lots of gray and silver -- shiny as well as dull.
A gray coffee table complete with fake cups of coffee.  Also love the fabric on the couch.  I know it's Waverly because I found scraps of it while thrifting one day.
Purple and deep gold!  How royal.  And wouldn't it be the royal treatment to have a bedroom like this to retreat to every day??
This chair upholstery is really shabby!  Too much so for me.  But I liked the gray wood and the big pillow with the ampersand printed on it.
Lastly, these chairs had slipcovers made of canvas and burlap.  I love the burlap fabric, but I don't think it is actually burlap.  It is much smoother and a better choice for something you are actually going to sit on or use.  I am going to do some investigating into what this fabric actually is called -- unless one of you already know what it is called.  Perhaps it is actually unbleached canvas -- like a painter's drop cloth??

I'm headed home soon.  Hope you enjoyed this pictoral trip to Lucketts Design House.  Back to reality soon!

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Rhonda said...

Thank you for sharing that with us, Judy. I love decorating as much as I love creating.