Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back home again

Must say I am glad to be back in Arizona.  But the weather is just as cold here now as in Virginia.  Got the introduction out there last week and now it is cold here.  Brrr!!!

Two weeks ago I spied a hawk of some sort out in the back yard.  Today I actually got a picture of it to share.
I couldn't get any closer than this.  By the time I got my longer lens for the camera, he had flown away.  This is a Cooper's hawk.  It is a young one, but he has found his "happy hunting ground" in the open area behind my home.  Interesting!

I hope to get back to blogging regularly.  Today I played catch up all day and I am still not done.  There are a bunch of bills and mail that needs attention.  Grocery shopping was first because I have nothing to eat in the fridge.  Then I joined my regular bridge group for our weekly bridge games.  Fun!  But hard to concentrate because my brain is still trying to recover from the trip to visit the grandkids.  More in a day or two.

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Rhonda said...

That hawk could carry my little 4 pound chihuahua away. I keep an eye an her when she's in the back yard.

Glad you are home safe and just rest and have fun. Put a log on the fire, as they say. It is officially cool here. FINALLY!