Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lucketts Design House

Well, here I am in Virginia and just got back from the Design House at Lucketts General Store in Lucketts, VA.  Swell place, believe me!  Here are a few pics I took this morning while there.

 Loved this white bedroom!  Nice bedding and yummy pillows!
 The headboard is covered with burlap.  Loved the burlap pillows, too.  Note the lamp at the side.  Kim, click on the picture and tell me what the shade is made of.
 Gray is the new neutral and these cabinets fall into the industrial chic category.  Love them!!  But I don't think I will ever find these in Arizona.
Loved this display which is actually in the General Store.  Plenty of gold crowns, gothic style mirrors and windows, and lots of turquoise accents.

More pics in a day or two.  Had a couple turn out blurry which upset me, because it was a beautiful, fluffy bed that was done in gray.


Paris Cowgirl said...

The shade cover material is top secret. I'd post it here but then I'd have to kill all of your readers. You wouldn't want that now would you?

Rhonda said...

You are having fun, aren't you? You must be seeing all kinds of fabulous items in Virginia. History was made in the East and I believe all the good stuff is still there, waiting to be found.

In that first photo what was that gorgeous wing made of? It is beautiful.

Have fun, Judy!

Joy said...

GRAY is the 'IN' color in decorating, I hear. Hence, all the gray and silver. Gorgeous. I'LL take the 'shabby chair'. LOVE IT! Have a safe trip home. See you soon.