Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Merchant Square sale Oct. 1-3

I was in my booth (C-6) at Merchant's on Monday.  I put in new items, rearranged things to give it a fresh look, vacuumed it out and then took pictures.  Here are just a couple of the pics I want to share with you.
New shabby white dresser
That pretty pink dresser sold last week.  Knew it would go quickly.

Items on top of the white dresser

Pretty clothes
Found these at an estate sale.  The top is a pretty peasant blouse style in pink with blue that matches the skirt.  The blue full skirt feels very silky and needs that plum colored petticoat to make it stand out!  The dark blue item is a pair of ruffled pettipants to be worn under the full skirts.

Vintage shabby items
The shabby shutters are there, lots of vintage frames, old paint brushes, Cinderella home window, and more industrial chic items like door face plates, hinges, and drawer pull face plates.

This is just a sampling of the items in my booth that will be for sale all week as well as at the upcoming mall sale.  I will be taking in a few more items before the sale begins.  Please check my shop Facebook page, Judy B's Shabby Chic for the September 27 picture album of the things I put in on Monday.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Looks great! you should take a picture right after the sale to show us how empty your booth is after a sale!

Judy said...

Perhaps I will do that!

Holly Loves Art said...

Everything is gorgeous! I think I'd like to move in please. :)