Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dolling up ordinary finds

For my booth in Merchant Square, I like to doll up ordinary finds and make them extraordinary.  Here are some examples:
The tall glass dome and base were a find a few months ago.  It originally was dirty glass on a wood base.  I cleaned it up, painted the base and added a clear knob with a pearl in top.  That way it can easily be lifted off without fingerprints in order to change the display inside.  It is now a cloche for displaying your favorite items.
This bottle is an old Fletcher's Castoria bottle -- remember that awful stuff??  My mom had that in the medicine cabinet (this is not my mom's bottle).  It tasted awful!!  I digress!!  I covered the bottle with pretty lace and embellished it with old earrings, some satin roses in my favorite colors and a pretty vintage pink ribbon necktie.
Looks great in the dome, don't you think????
Next up is this single glove I found in a pile of fabrics.  I had long ago seen Beth Quinn decorate a glove -- in fact, I think I saw it at Art Unraveled last year.  Anyway, I decided to decorate up this pretty glove and make it a piece to either hang or display in your favorite room!  It has an old lacey hankie coming out of the top, a bit of old lace with a ribbon rose and a sparkly button glued on.  Perfect touch!

These will be in my booth at Merchant Square by Tuesday of this week.  This coming weekend is another fabulous 3-day sale at Merchants.  Don't miss it!  We have a lot of wonderful dealers in there with lots of goodies for your home, art work, favorite collectables, or crafts.


Dorthe said...

it looks so beautifull, the dome, with your wonderfull dressed bottle. And the glove is a wonderfull eyecandy, too.
Good luck, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Beautifull, very nice, Chany

Susan said...

So beautiful - wish I lived closer and could visit Merchant Sq.

Robin said...

What a beautiful display your booth must Susan, wish I lived closer and could shop at Merchant Square.

Holly Loves Art said...

Beautiful Judy. You have the touch!
Have a lovely week ahead.