Friday, May 28, 2010

Collage Camp

Those of you who have followed my blog for more than a year know that I was very excited about taking the KC Willis Collage Camp online last year.  I created a lot of collages and submitted several to Sew Somerset in January of this year and they chose several of my collages and a fabric book for publication.

I will be listing pieces of my art work for sale in my Etsy shop, Vintage Recycled.  I have so many that I need to let go of some of them.  And I want to start another project using the techniques I learned in Collage Camp.  Here are the first two:
Little Ruby Culbertson notebook.
A collage on a vintage log cabin cutter quilt square.  Check them out in my shop.

I don't know if you feel like I do, but letting go of something I love and created myself is often hard for me to do.  It's like giving up a part of me.  How do you feel about your work?


JWood said...

i've done it so often now, that it feels right, getting the artwork out there is one of the most important components for me. i went to pick up some large paintings at a gallery recently because it was closing, someone purchased both paintings that day, i'm glad they found a new home. you do lovely work judy, keep journaling, keep creating.

Debby said...

Hi Judy, congrats on being published. Understandable, as your collages are just gorgeous.

Robin said...

Hi Judy! Your work is an extension of you....that's what makes having some of your pieces so special!! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

CeCe said...

It sort of depends on if I am creating it from the beginning to give away or sell--if that is the case I feel great about it. If it is something I am just making and love for myself, it is very hard to turn around and let it go ---- unless I absolutely KNOW the other person loves it ---- then, once again, it becomes easy, or easier, at least!
I am so happy for you that the collage camp has so enriched your life by bring you joy creating these lovely works of art! I am planning to join in on this fun someday --this year my focus is Photoshop!

Anonymous said...

Hello, beautiful your job is a beauty, here I do not get fluid to transfer designs to fabric or photocopies on canvas, so now I wait to make things so beautiful on canvas, a hug, God bless you, Chany

Dorthe said...

and congratulations about being in Sommerset Studio,wow-
Love your" little Ruby ".
yes, I do have things ,which are very difficult to let go, but trying to live from my shop ,I just have to let go, of most creations.
Happy sunday, dear.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

congrats on the publications!

I love the piece on the old log cabin block. What a clever idea!

Me! said...

Oh, Judy! Congratulations! I haven't been online to read blogs in weeks, really . . . I'm trying to catch up, but I hadn't seen your post yet! I am SO HAPPY for you! CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS! I will be seeking it out!
~ Debbi