Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still cleaning up and out

I found this wonderful vintage storybook page today.  Wish I could remember why I bought it and when.  Anyway . . .  These picture book pages are on one piece of fabric. The little boy and girl images were printed in color on one side. Someone then lovingly hand embroidered carefully around the images so that when you turn the fabric over to the back side, the reverse images look embroidered too even though it is the wrong side! 
It measures 13 inches wide by almost 9 inches tall. Printed on the fabric is "of nursery pictures made in U.S.A. by Vogart" and also "No. 209."
This is the "wrong" side, but it is almost as cute!  I just listed it in my Etsy shop, Vintage Recycled.

I'm looking for ideas or suggestions on how to make Tooth Fairy pillows or pockets for my grandchildren.  My granddaughter, Kara, is about to lose (or already has lost) her first tooth.  Although I won't be able to get this done before the Tooth Fairy visits this time, I would like to make the pockets or pillows now and get them to the grandkids.  Can you help me out??  Thanks!!

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