Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday's adventure

Kim and I had a ball on Thursday visiting all the cute shops at 7th Ave. and Indian School in Phoenix.  Here are a few pics from Thursday.  Many more to come!
First stop!  Zinnias at Melrose, on the corner of Indian School and 7th.
Kim and I browsed around until Hollywood Regency opened.  I love this pink dresser!!
Old and new friends.  Trisha (on the right) is an old friend.  Both Kim and I know her.  She is Vintage Bliss.  We didn't know she had a booth at Zinnias.  I'll add a couple more pics of her booth soon. 
Jenny (I hope I have that spelled right) is on the left.  She works in Hollywood Regency (sorry, no weblink).  This shop is so me!!  Have a look!
Hollywood Regency is all about vintage clothing.  My thing when I can find it!!!  Look!  Pink formals!
Vintage pink hats!!!!
Vintage rose corsages!!  I'm in heaven!!!!

This is just the beginning!!!  Come back soon!!  Lots more to share!


Sweet Sage said...

A day filled with Vintage Fun .. the BEST!.. Can't wait for more!

CeCe said...

Oh I wish I could have been with the two of you. Some of those shops are my favorites and the mall is on my list of places to visit. I discovered it through Trish's blog. Can't wait. I know it was a fun day for you. There is just something about us girls that love all the vintage stuff getting to play all day looking at "new" vintage displays!!!!!
Thanks for the font suggestion. I totally agree. I got siderailed on working on it. Hopw to fix and work some more soon. Need more lessons!!!!

Michelle said...

Love everything here! I am gonna have to check out this mall. So glad you two had a good time together.