Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thursday's Adventure Part Two

Once we finished at Zinnias we headed on over to Rust and Roses.
Here's Kim admiring the wonderful variety of rusty and crusty garden items.  Inside is a small antique mall with loads of goodies to look at.  But once we learned that Thursday was the first day that Saints and Sirens reopened after shop damage we headed there.
This shop has wonderful feminine clothing and bits to go with.  I love this display -- the colors, lighted candles and the statue.
Love these tiaras -- the old music pages, the old wood boxes and the doll head (???).  I have seen lots of doll heads in displays lately -- in shops as well as on blogs.  Hmm!
Just a short walk down 7th Avenue and we found Frilly Frocks.
This dress is gorgeous!!  Would look great on the dress form I have in my bedroom -- but I already have her dressed in vintage slips and lace collars.
Kim and I have a "thing" about these roses!  Any fabric roses!  We see them everywhere!  Right now we are both in the process of learning how to make them.
Last on our tour of the 7th Avenue shops was Melrose Vintage.  I have no pics of the inside because the shop was being redecorated.  It was almost completely torn apart.  Too bad!  But it is still a gorgeous shop when fully decorated and worth the trip to see.
My favorite find of the day came from Saints and Sirens.  A crown for the dress form in my bedroom.  She so needed this!  LOL!!!!


JWood said...

looks like you two had a great time! thanks for sharing!

Sherry Goodloe said...

The next time I'm in Phoenix I will definitely have to ask YOU where the stores are! This outing of yours was MY kind of shopping . . . .*sigh*

LOVE the crown you picked up for your dress form . . . nice, very nice.

Sweet Sage said...

tooo much fun!
you've inspired me to head downtown!
LoVe the crown!!

Michelle said...

I guess the crown is the big winner today! I love it also. Thanks for sharing. I always wanted to go into those shops but never have.

Tammy said...

I am so jealous! What a wonderful outing. Thanks for taking us along with you.

Susan said...

What fun you two had! It sounds like a perfect day. Love your photos and the crown is perfect! Great find.

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh it looks like such a beautiful shop. I would love it there! Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a great day.