Thursday, April 15, 2010

On a road trip today!!

Today, my friend Kim Johnson (aka The Peddler's Wife as well as from Mystic Paper) and I are headed to 7th Avenue in Phoenix to explore some shops.  I have visited a few of them, but Kim hasn't.  She had to work.  But now that she is free to have much needed girlie time, we can go visit these places.

Here's the itinery:

Hollywood Regency
Sirens & Saints
Rust & Roses
Melrose Vintage
Retro Ranch

I am taking my camera.  Should have pics for you soon about our adventures today.


Debby said...

So beautiful!

Pallas said...

Sounds like my kind of shopping trip. Rust & Roses, now that is an interesting name. Have a great time. I'll be looking for those pictures later on.

Altered Art Attic said...

I had a great time. Can't wait to do it again and hit all of the places we didn't have time to go to!