Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday's shopping day

I know!  Another day of shopping around town??  Yes!!  This time with my friend Joy.  We went into Phoenix near Cactus and Cave Creek Blvd., to visit Not Too Shabby and the other shops in that little mall.
The owner, Kim Rawlins, is a friend of mine.  I met her when she had a booth in Merchant Square.  Kim shops in my booth for her store -- I have great prices!!!  Anyway, Joy and I started here and worked our way around this small mall to the other shops.  Lots of goodies there!!
Here are several of my finds.  A set of three shabby shutters -- blue on one side, a buttery tan on the other, and real chippy, peely, shabby!  The small white shutter with the missing slat.  A wire chair, a shabby white plant stand, and a "tea table".  I think that "tea table" is better described as a display piece.  At least that is what I am going to use it for in my booth.  All these items will eventually end up in my booth.
These items are displayed on a long black skirt that has a black net over skirt.  Way cute!  Love those shoes and they are a size 8 -- I could wear them, but know better than to even try.  Want to save my knees and back from total trauma!!!  LOL!!!  All the jewelry (and those shoes) came from Halo Thrift Boutique which is a new store in this mall.  The proceeds from sales go to help homeless dogs and cats.  What a nice thing!  I bought a lot of jewelry.  This is just a sampling. 
Found these two table cloths in another tiny store that was packed so tight with things that it wasn't easy to get around in there.  I love the faded blue cloth with the flowers.  The lace cloth was a steal at $2 and the floral cloth was just $3.  After a spin in the washer, these came out smelling much better and the spots on the lace cloth disappeared! (((smiles)))

That covers my adventures last week with girlfriends.  We toured all the great spots for those of us who love vintage and shabby.  If you come to the Phoenix area, you don't want to miss these!


Debby said...

Everything is so beautiful! Great finds.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Judy!!!
I feel totally lame!!! Although I know, and love the store you are talking about here. ( I've been there many times when it was owned by the previous owner)
And all those other cute shops in the area... I am totally unfamiliar with all the shops you spoke about in your previous post!!! I'm always complaining that there aren't any cute shops to visit in my town!!! If you have some time would you mind listing them for me in an email and giving me an idea where they are? I would soooo appreciate it!!!! Thanks so much!

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