Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something new and some news!

Yesterday I spent a lot of time redoing parts of my booth for spring.  Here is a pic of the new center display.
I found this wonderful small patio set last weekend.  The backs of the chairs and the table top have roses!!!  I love the little girl garden statue.  She is shabby, but oh so cute!  Love the naive painting of the hydrengas which goes with the hydrengas I put in that great metal tool/garden caddy (you could even plant real flowers in it because there are drainage holes in the bottom).  Do you also see the wonderful Victorian house or porch brackets by the painting??  Those are the real deal!!!  Not some repro!
I love clear glass pieces combined with silver.  The jars are really great shapes.  I can visualize shells in them, a bird's nest, cotton balls, pearls, etc.  That silver tray is footed and gorgeous!  It cleaned up well.  Also a tiny silver frame, a hexagon shaped glass box with beveled glass sides (great for a candle or silverware storage).  The gray embroidered evening purse is too cute!
This gorgeous bracelet of gray beads combined with rhinestones is beautiful!  Goes well with that gray purse!

Now for the news:

I have signed up on a new antique website to sell some of my better treasures from my shopping as well as my own collections.  The new website is called Antique Abbey and you can visit here.  The first 9 items pictured there are mine (beginning with the black bead bracelet).  I just uploaded them today.  If you click on the pictures you will be taken to my shop, Arizona Junkin', and be able to read the description of the item, price and more pictures.  If you like the item, you can purchase it from there. 

I will be listing items in Arizona Junkin' regularly.  I also hope to list items that many of you may want to incorporate in your mixed media art work.  So, check back frequently.  I will show items here, too, and give you the link to view them.

Take a look.  Let me know what you think!  If you are interested, read all about it and sign up!  It doesn't cost to join -- only if you want to set up a shop and sell items.  It's really reasonable and you pay only a monthly fee -- no nickel and diming you to death with each picture you upload or charging you a fee after you sell an item.  I think this is a good deal!


Me! said...

Ohm Judy! I checked out your antiques! They're wonderful! How exciting! I hope it does just great for you!

CeCe said...

Question, Judy,
How do we go to your shop other than clicking on one of your items? I did not spend lots of time trying to figure this out--- do they have a list of dealers or???
So wishing you well with this wonderful new endeavor!

Debby said...

Everything looks so beautiful, have to go checkout the website.

Joy said...

Your booth looks just like a 'Spring Day'. Checked out your new 'Arizona Junkin'. Love it. Good luck with all.

Robin said...

I hope you have much success with this new endeavor. Thanks for the link and I will be checking out your store often!