Saturday, January 9, 2010


I recently read an article in "Cloth Paper Scissors" written by Beryl Taylor. It was entitled "Building Upon Layers" and featured some of her sewing creations. Several items in this article caught my attention and I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

Beryl recommends creating a stash of embellishments. I recently put together a large altered book full of pages made from an antique photo album. Embellishment is one of my favorite things to do in my artwork. Here are a couple of things I did in this altered book.

First is a flower embellishment. It is made from black dress trim, vintage black ribbon, black hat netting, white tulle, pieces of white lace and a doily and a broken pin I acquired while treasure hunting. I love this piece!
This next embellishment is made from a piece of ribbon! The ribbon actually came with the ribbon roses on it. It is glued to the back side of a bit of old fabric, has two old buttons sewn on, and a trinket pinned to one of the roses. I found this ribbon at Ruffler's Roost's new shop at Ray and Alma School in Chandler, AZ. This place is full of beautiful ribbons, lace and some pretty ready-made things to add as embellishments. I prefer to create my own!!
One of my resolutions this year is to create a stash of embellishments as I work on other projects. I will share them with you in future blogs.

Today I am really stressed! My freezer quit working yesterday and today the fridge part is slowly warming up. The warranty repair person cannot get to me until tomorrow!!! I have already thrown out a lot of stuff and I know more is going to go to waste! Neighbors have loaned me big picnic coolers, but those won't save the frozen foods. I am on my way to buy more bags of ice in hopes of saving some of it. Thank goodness my homeowner's insurance will cover the loss.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Can't you farm your frozen goods out to neighbors and friends freezers? Don't you hate it when things break!

Pallas said...

Sometimes the appliance warranty will cover some of the food loss. If so, it could save a claim to your homeowners policy.

JWood said...

i love your roses/flowers... nice work judy!

Robin said...

Beautiful embellishments Judy! Hope your freezer gets repaired before you loose too much food.

Lovey said...

HI Judy! I love to embellish too! It's one of the best parts when creating!

Anonymous said...

your embellishments are just gorgeous! i've just gotten my very first sewing machine so have been trying to make some too, however mine nowhere near resemble the beauty of yours... yet. :)