Friday, January 15, 2010

Embellishments 2

I think that taking a strip of fabric, and adding sewn buttons, bits of other fabrics and safety pins is a neat way to add texture and interest to a piece. Also a fun and unexpected addition could be a watch face with the gears and arrows of Tim Holtz bits. Putting that on lace just makes it interesting! This vintage orange velvet corsage is attached to a tiny doily piece. I tied long threads to it to hang down like a ribbon from the corsage.
The fridge is fixed! The repairman found the problem (bad capacitor, relay and overload parts) right away and had it running again in a matter of minutes. And he even had the repair parts on his truck! Can you imagine that??!! I lost most of the items in the freezer. However, the entire fridge is now clean inside and the food that couldn't be salvaged is gone. Feels like new!


Robin said...

Love your work Judy and so glad your freezer is fixed.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Love it Judy! We're still on for Monday unless it rains like it's supposed to.

Joy said...

Great embelishments. You are one talented gal. I always enjoy your work.

So glad about your fridge!

CeCe said...

These creations are just divine, Judy. Love the combinations. Glad your fridge is fixed. So stressful to lose the fridge--holds important embellishments for our tummies!!!

Sweet Sage said...

hi sweet judy b!
sitting in a coffee shop/internet cafe .. thought i would pay you a visit from here; still can't open you from home :( .. i LoVe your new look!
i mean I LOVE IT!!
thanks for your note .. i soooo appreciate the advice, know you are quite right about the $10 and < thing. just not like it used to be. hoping all will cycle back around.. .
do keep Sis in mind! i hear she's a star at the clinic .. quite the flirt .. she won't last long!..
hope to run into you soon ~
& thanks for stopping by my blog.
my best~

Me! said...

Hi Judy! I LOVE your new background! Thank you for the visit. You can imagine that we're pretty thrilled!

I love what you;re doing over there! I sure hope I get to play this week! I'm itching to make something . . . anything!

~ Debbi

Jasmine said...

This is wonderful. I have to say i'm ecoming a fan. I might just visit again... :)