Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flea market finds on Saturday

Last Saturday was the flea market at Merchant Square. They are having a big 4 day sale there. I have been there everyday since Wednesday, and I am tired! But I wanted to share a few bits I got at the flea market. I love the old roses wrapped in mink! And they are vintage corsages -- all of these items are vintage. The bit of mink on the left would make great bracelets -- which I see a lot of these days on blogs. Don't know what to put on them, but maybe I'll have a brainstorm in a few days. They would also make great display pieces for vintage jewelry. Hmm! Perhaps I will try that!

At the top right are a pair of vintage earrings. The tag said they were Swarovski crystal. They are glitzy! There is a pretty pin at the bottom left. It is missing a pin back, but that is an easy fix. Much to do to keep the booth at Merchant Square stocked with pretty things.


Cynthia K. said...

Oh wow!! Pretty, pretty! I've never seen the roses with mink around them or even heard about them. But yes, I could go for those....

Cynthia K.

Robin said...

I love your blog header! Those roses look absolutely gorgeous wrapped with mink!