Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Things fabric book

I started this next fabric book over the weekend. Kim has told me that customers at Mystic Paper that have asked if I am going to do a fabric book. The answer is YES!! And Sweet Things is the first one. I wanted to do something totally different from the Prairie Doves fabric book. This is where I started. Lots of girlie fabrics, lace, whites and off whites, and plenty of color. There will be lots of neat ideas tucked inside as well. I will update you as I get pages done. Once this one is completed and on Mystic Paper's class schedule, I am going to do another one very similar to Prairie Doves for all the cowgirls out there!!

I really have enjoyed KC Willis Collage Camp and strongly encourage you to look at the link and then sign up. You won't regret it!


JWood said...

nice book, very sweet... i love angel images! take a look at my blog sometime, the photographer i use takes angel photos of her daughters and allows me to use images as long as i give her photo credit... nice to see you creating! use EVERYTHING you learn and create more and MORE! *smile*

Lindsey said...

Love this book! And I am so excited that you are going to teach a class, I will keep my eyes peeled to look for you on the class schedule! Can't wait!

CeCe said...

Love it and looks like it would make a great Valentine/February item to display or give away. I like the girlie look!

CeCe said...

Am liking the new banner too! Just noticed it !

Heartinmyhand said...

Hi Judy, was going to email you, but it wasn't going through. The "metal" corner is really one of those Germany paper thing that I applied alcohol ink to. Don't use the blending solution. Really like your new banner.
Have a happy 4th