Sunday, July 5, 2009

Road trip last week

After seeing a pic of a cow skull with a rose on Jack and Cat Curio's blog, I had to have one. Scroll down to the second blog entitled "Roadtrips,Textures, Classes, and Sleep." Decided to redecorate my entryway with it (sans that glittery "Paris" stuff). That meant a road trip!

My friend, Joy, and I headed to The Town Dump in Cave Creek last Thursday to rummage through their rusty stuff and to see if they had a cow skull. I knew they would have one if anyplace did! Joy and I also visited Valerie's and Big Bronco up there soaking up the western flavor in those stores. Also had lunch at El Encanto! Delicious!

Got rid of some tired flowers in a rickity basket and replaced them with the cow skull. I love the pot. My sister gave that to me years ago. The lizard crawling through the holes in the pot are definitely southwest!
While digging through the stuff on the workbench in the garage I came upon this swing frame I had bought several months ago. I put a cowgirl pic in it and decided it was a keeper. Originally it was headed for Merchant Square to be sold, but changed my mind. The worn frame and the cowgirl pic fits right in with my southwest/western decor in the great room.Now I have to get rid of two items in the great room. That's the deal I made with myself after my hubby passed. Put one new thing in the house and two things must go out (to be sold or donated). Can't continue to increase the stuff in here! My hubby has been gone 4 1/2 years and I am still cleaning out. It is better, but could be A LOT better!! LOL!!


jjjoysmith said...

Judy........looks GREAT! I knew it would! Fun time had by all.....and a beautiful outcome! j

Paris Cowgirl said...

Wow! That looks great Judy. You're such a decorator.

Anonymous said...

It's all so perfect together, I love the lizard pot, it's very unique.