Monday, May 25, 2009

One little indian boy tag

I love doing tags! Why not try a tag using the collage camp techniques? So here is the first one. I love this little boy or is it a little girl? I can't figure that one out. But whichever, the outfit is just wonderful! Must have been a favorite outfit for this child in order to have the picture taken. I printed out a bunch of transfers in a small size (there are more to come) and ironed them to small pieces of the dyed canvas. Then I just used left over bits of fabric and some embellishments to complete the tag. It doesn't take much. I have to remind myself to "KISS" -- keep it simple stupid -- because I tend to over do!


CeCe said...

My very favorite way you have used the class learnings, Judy. This is too funny as I have been thinking I would like to see the layering in tiny form. Smile.

Robin said...

Fabulous! Love the corrugated cardboard and barb wire looking knot!