Sunday, May 24, 2009

My doll Jane

Here is my latest fabric collage. I have wanted to incorporate this doll dress into a fabric collage for a long time. I actually transferred the tiny picture to the dress and then hand stitched tatting and tiny buttons to the picture over a year ago. It is a picture of a little girl beside a chair with her favorite doll all dressed in white. There is a tiny doll bib that I attached to the dress and made a pocket out of it. From the pocket I draped a tiny pink pearl necklace. Perhaps you can see (it's awfully tiny!) that the little girl in the picture has on a pearl necklace. I used lots of vintage trims and old fabrics. The lacy piece on top of the ticking is an old dresser doily. The coffee dyed it up great.

I am headed to Virginia early on Thursday morning to visit my grandchildren. June 1st is little Ryan's third birthday. The festivities begin next Saturday. What fun!

Also, while I am in Virginia I am going to visit my favorite store, Lucketts General Store, located in Lucketts, Virginia about 7 miles north of Leesburg. It has been a favorite place of mine to visit and shop for years. They are having a spring sale next weekend! Shabby and chic!!


Pallas said...

This piece turned out lovely. You must be having a great time in KC Willis' class. I first saw her work in a show at a gallery in Santa Fe, NM in 2002. It was such an inspiration, and I suddenly knew what I needed to do with all the old photographs, vintage fabrics, lace and buttons I had collected for years.

Since then I have bought two of her small wall hangings. One is of a cowgirl and the other is of an Indian woman which is my favorite.

Thanks for sharing your wall hangings for us to see.

Robin said...

OMG! This is my favorite so far. That little dress is just precious and the necklace is the perfect touch. Enjoy your trip and have fun shopping!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh - each collage gets better and better! I am loving these! Have a great trip.

CeCe said...

Beautiful, Judy. I got to see Kim's work in person yesterday. Hope to get to see your creations and ooh and aah in person someday. Have a fun trip!

Yitte said...

OMG this is soooo beautiful, love it.

House of Hullabaloo said...

That is so pretty. I do love your Victorian or vintage style work!