Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recent finds

On Tuesday, I was invited to visit a friend's house to rummage through her stash of stuff. Her name is Sharon, and she is a dealer at Merchant Square. I buy from her booth/store at Merchant's all the time and every time we run into each other (at estate sales and flea markets!) we catch up on the latest. Sharon specializes in fabrics, trims, vintage clothing, jewelry, and lots of other stuff. Her booth at Merchant's is like a small vintage store stuffed with delightful things! Her stash is "to die for!" Sharon has found old hat pins (without the beads) for me to create new hat pins with my bead collection. She has also found lots of vintage rayon seam binding for me in a variety of colors. Sharon is an angel!! Well, on Tuesday I found this wonderful porcelain lady sewn to a pin cushion. She can't sit up by herself so I have plopped her into a vintage "orphan" cup I have. What do you think?? I love her and she is a keeper, for the time being!
Another dealer at Merchant's had these half heads in his booth. Mike has tons of stuff for sale at Merchant's but is downsizing to one booth as was making deals. I love these half heads! I bought three of them. The one on the left was a present to me from Mike! I love that guy! Ever since I saw that Stampington was going to publish a book about Marie Antoinette, I have been looking for these heads. They cost me a small fortune because they are vintage and one is German made. But I love them!!

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Sheri said...

Lovely Maries, really! I can just imagine how you'll dress & frill her up!

Have a happy day!


House of Hullabaloo said...

I would love to check out Sharon's home stash! You lucky girl!

Arcadia Living said...

I love those "half heads" too - your blog is looking fab! - Patty