Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here's to you Kim!

You made me feel bad today that I hadn't posted a self-portrait on my blog. Seems I am one of two who haven't done it yet since you posted your picture on March 17 and passed the tag on.

I am not a rule follower when it comes to this. I don't forward emails full of "stuff" that really isn't important. I don't forward those emails that tell me something awful will happen to me if I don't. Hmm! I am still here and nothing awful has happened. I don't tag people because I consider it an imposition upon them. If I get tagged, I probably will do "whatever" but I feel guilty passing it on. So I usually don't. Anyway, here is my self-portrait.

I put the ole camera on the tripod in front of the mirrored doors on the master closet and shot several pictures. This is the best one and I don't consider it a good picture! Cut the top of my head off -- but who cares?? Gosh!! I don't have PhotoShop on this new computer and I cannot take out the wrinkles. Bummer!!! At least I can still flash a great smile to all of you!!!!

I'm not passing it on!!


Susan said...

Glad you're smiling again. You look just like that little kid in your profile picture!

dede warren said...

Bravo, nicely said. I too feel no guilt braking chains, not tagging others, or passing on the e-mails meant to save the world. I figure if you're a good friend you al ready know how I feel about you, and then some. BUT I am glad you posted your photo, it's nice to see you!

Heartinmyhand said...

Judy, Cheers to you. I don't pass on emails or tags either. Your smile is great to see this morning. So sorry you have been feeling down.
Hugs Becky