Friday, March 20, 2009

My heart is breaking today

I just did this page in my Prompt a Day journal. My heart is heavy today after learning that my dear friend, Hedy, is now under hospice care. The lymphoma she fought so hard against 10 years ago and won, has returned. The last round of stem cell transplants and chemo a week ago did not stop the rapid progress of the lymphoma.

The tears have flowed freely all day long. They flow not only for Hedy but for my husband David and my sister Jan. Memories of each of them have entered my thoughts all day long. The tears have flowed. I have not done this -- have a crying spell and vivid memories of my loved ones -- in several years and now my eyes hurt. My heart hurts.

I will miss Hedy terribly. We talked often, had great girlie days together when she was here for the winter months, could call each other at a moments notice to meet for lunch. Even when she returned to Chicago for the summer months we would talk on the phone often to catch up on our news.

The angels in heaven will love Hedy when she arrives there. They will laugh and laugh! Hedy will always be "fantastic", as she always said when asked how she was.


CeCe said...

Tears clear the body of toxins, I think. They are a needed emotion to heal the heart and soul. I know you had a lonely, sorrowful day. I know you miss your husband and sister. I know you will miss your friend, Hedy. It is very difficult to share loved ones with the angels when it means you will only have them in your memory. I know there are many that feel your pain and are with you in thought and spirit , in heaven and on earth as you experience this sadness. Sending you love, CeCe

Susan said...

I'm so sorry about your friend and for your sadness. You wrote a beautiful note about her. Let the tears flow - they're not a bad thing.