Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finds of the weekend

I love this canister set!! White with pink roses!! It is shabby! Several of the lids have chipped edges. But you can turn the lids to the back and the chips are not visible from the front. I found this summer frock (is there any other name for this dress??) at a flea market. It is made by Gunne Sax for Jessica McClintock. It is a buttery ecru (is there such a thing?) and soft, soft, soft! Wish I could wear it, but it is a size 9. Haven't been in a nine since I was. . . . 9!
Here is the long view. The picture hat is just about the same color.
Please check out my Flickr page to see 15+ other photos I took of my booth yesterday. I spent quite a while redoing some of the items I have for sale.

I want to share some pics of my backyard with you. Here is the beautiful bougainvilla at the side of my patio. We've had a mild winter (no real heavy frosts or a good freeze) and now that it is a bit warmer things are blooming!Here is the acacia tree. Beautiful yellow blossoms, fairly nice fragrance. But . . . .Here is the result of the blossoms dropping off the tree. Let a slight breeze blow and it gets worse.
The blossoms are like tiny puff balls and they stick together in piles. I should go out there to sweep them up. But, did you see how many are left on the tree?? Sweeping might be a futile attempt to clean up!Lastly, here is my poor saguaro. There are a couple of flickers who are pecking holes in it. I am not happy about this, but there isn't much I can do. Scaring them off is useless -- they just come back. Some people tell me it won't hurt the cactus, but I am not convinced. I wish the flickers would go away. That saguaro was an expensive cactus!


CeCe said...

I just looked at the pictures of your booth and I must say it looks fabulous. I remember the wonderful days of playing in my booth and the great feeling after giving it a fresh make over.
Hey, while in Pinetop, I noticed a for sale sign on Brenda's bed and breakfast. Do you know what is up with it?

Lindsey said...

Beautiful dress Judy! Lovely finds!