Sunday, October 5, 2008

Flea market finds yesterday

Merchant Square holds 3 day sales at the antique mall approximately every two months. This weekend is the kickoff sale for the fall and winter season. On Saturday mornings during the sale they have a parking lot flea market which is wonderful! Great finds and bargains are to be found!

Yesterday I went early (6:30 a.m.) to catch the best stuff at the flea market. Here is what I found yesterday. All of this will be priced and put in my booth by next week.This picture shows most of my finds. There were a few others, but they have been torn apart to use in art projects. I love the little lampshade. It is silk! Something you don't find today unless you are willing to pay big bucks. The little pink purse is too cute! There is also a white beaded purse, black gloves, bag of red beads, a romantic powder box, tiny bride and groom for a wedding cake, a lace hat, pink perfume bottle, small cream pitcher, shabby chic dresser mirror and that lovely antique oval swing frame.Also found yesterday were these petticoats. Actually they are square dance petticoats, but I remember these from the 50's. They will be in my booth one at a time. I just love them! So swishy and pretty!Beautiful white lace dress over a light pink liner. Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax, size 9. It is lovely!Lovely pink satin formal. No size or maker label. I think it may be approximately a size 8 or 10. This dress is in great shape! If you have someone who is going to prom and would like a nice dress at a reasonable price, here they are! I also have another Jessica McClintock dress in black satin at Merchant Square as well as two vintage prom dresses -- one in light blue and the other is white lace bodice over a mauve skirt. Very pretty dresses!


Judy said...

You made some great finds. Love the petticoats. I remember when my momma used to make them for me. Does that date me or what?

Her Vintage Stage said...

When I was 5 I wanted one of those pitticoats so bad, I finally got one for Christmas. In kindergaerden my teacher Mrs.Potter, asked everyone to tell something special that we got, I whispered it in her ear so only she could hear, and low and behold she made me lift up my skirt and show everyone! Even boys! Ive been a show off ever since! Thanks so much for the memory!