Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun with flowers, recycling them

One of the items I bought at a rummage sale on Saturday was a hand bouquet of pink and white flowers. They were stuffed into green floral foam and then put into a white plastic posey holder (don't know what else to call it). I think it was a bridesmaid bouquet from the 50's. I wish I had taken a before pic of it, but didn't. What was I thinking??!! Anyway, here are the flowers I have put together from the bouquet. I removed all the plastic stems and pieces that held the flowers in place in the bouquet. Must say I like these better!

Aren't they pretty??
This last flower is made of a text page. Lots of circles, gradually smaller, then held together in the center with an eyelet. Then dipped in glue and over to gold glitter! Pretty!!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

These are pretty! Excellent art to alter found at a rummage sale! Thanks, Judy!

Lindsey said...

Love all the flowers. Especially the last one, so pretty!