Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working on a new project. . . .

The latest issue of Somerset Studio has really inspired me. It was the article by Lynne Perrella on icons. Over the last 6 months or so I have developed an interest in what I call santos. I have purchased a Flemish dressmaker doll and an angel who is along the same lines. I know they are not technically santos but they somehow seem heavenly to me! Besides, I cannot afford to buy the real thing -- I want a new digital SLR camera first.What I love about this one is the serene face she has. She just makes me relax when I see her face. She is peaceful. I created her hat as well as the large necklace she is wearing. It is an old pocketwatch case, filled with vintage looking tinsel and has three pearl beads glued in the center. I love it!This is the angel I bought just a few months ago. Again, the serene peaceful face. Also like her aged metal wings and graceful hands. I am still debating about making a hat for her or creating a crown or halo. Still working on that!This is the current piece I am working on. I used some of the ideas that Lynne Perrella wrote about in her icon article. She used a canvas frame and an old photo album page as the base. I did the same. The entire piece looks old already. A source of peace and solice. I want to call her "Madre Tierra" or Earth Mother. She is not finished. Nothing is glued down -- it was just "placed" in order to take the picture. I see "natural things" being used to finish off this piece.

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