Friday, May 9, 2008

Prima's new flowers!

I love the new flowers that Prima has created!! The artful collage flowers! Mystic Paper has them! I did two quick tags today using the flowers, my favorite stamps and Glimmermist.
I especially like the flowers that have the images in them. You can see an image in both flowers.

My front door friend!!

This little critter scurries around every time I go out my front door. Sometimes he startles me, but at least I now expect him to be there.

He prefers to hide in this hollowed out log which serves as a plant stand on my front porch. You can hardly see him because he blends in so well with the color of the log. But what will startle you is seeing this flash of activity out of the corner of your eye as you pass the log. You don't know what is happening!!

Something I learned today:

When Tim Holtz was here, he told our class that if you want to get rid of the ink (from Distress Inks) that stains your fingers, just use a cheap shampoo. Then he named a couple and explained that the cheap shampoos will wash the coloring out of your hair and will wash the ink stains from your fingers! That's why stylists want you to buy their expensive shampoos so it won't wash the color out of your hair!

OK. . . . .

Well, today I discovered that Murphy's Oil Soap will also wash the ink off of your skin! How did I discover that?

I use Murphy's Oil Soap to clean acrylic paint and glues from my paint brushes. Learned that trick over 20 years ago when I did tole and decorative painting. I was cleaning a paint brush and the ink that had stained my fingers came off while cleaning that paint brush! Ah-ha! I always keep a small container of the oil soap in my art area . . . . so from now on I will use that to clean my hands, too!!


jjjoysmith said...

Nice flowers! Lovely! And also, my 4th son is the best and my favorite, but daughter trumps all except for my 4th son!


Road Trip With Ruby said...

Hi Judy, yes, those flowers are pretty darn cool. Picked 3 sets up today at MP. Love your tags!

CeCe said...

Thanks for the Murphy Oil Soap tip! Now I am longing to use some ink or paint.

Sweet Sage said...

LOVE the tags!!

Judy said...

Thanks, ladies!!!

jjjoysmith said...


Julie said...

Phew! I think Murphy's is stinky. I hate the smell of it. I'll stick w/cheap shampoo or inky fingers.