Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the go Saturday

Today started early. A good friend and I headed out for the parking lot flea market at Merchant Square this morning. I found a lot of treasures for my booths in the Square. I also ran into Kim who has just launched her Sweet Sage Vintage blog here. Kim was in the same blogging class a week ago. Kim also had some wonderful stuff in her space at the flea market. I bought a few things from her. Here she is taking a rest. It got warm out there today. Right now the cactus and wildflowers are in bloom around the city. I stopped on my way back home to snap a few pictures. Just very pretty!
Pink blossoms on a cactus. Just pretty and pink!
Look at the flowing bed of yellow daisy-like flowers under a palo verde tree. Really nice! There are many other cacti in bloom and I hope to get a few more pictures over the next few days.


Her Vintage Stage said...

So sorry I missed the sale. I am finally learning. I've linked you to my blog. Seeyousoon.

JWood said...

pretty pics, like the calming music too : )

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Beautiful pictures, don't you just love this time of year?

Sweet Sage said...

Nice to see you on Saturday, Judy. Was such a fun day! Thanks for the honorable mention! I've blogged you, too!

CeCe said...

I, too, am learning. Will be linking hopefully after my session with Mike this week. Loved seeing these pictures. I, too, missed the sale, but between you and Kim I know I missed a great deal of special fun.

M said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for checking my blog and the comments. I've got you added to my links. The altered composition journal is pretty much done. It's the one I write in. Occasionally a collage is glued in but it's pretty much all written. I'm poor at combining the words and images in one book.