Friday, March 28, 2008

Card of the month

Each month I take a card making class from a Stampin' Up! dealer. I started this because I wanted to find other people where I live who are interested in the same type of arts/crafts.

Last Wednesday was the class for March. Here is one of the cards I made.

The reason I am blogging about this card is -- it features something I don't do well. Fold small pieces of paper!! I am all thumbs! I have tried make-and-takes that featured paper folding and I just couldn't get things even, folded right, or to come out right. Just can't do it! Also can't tie tiny bows with short pieces of ribbon. Have to have at least 12" of ribbon to make a tiny bow.

Anyway, I liked the colors in this card and thought it turned out OK. But it sure was hard to fold those tiny circles to make the flower petals. I ended up using a ruler and a bone folder to crease the circles. No one else seemed to have the same problem.


Chia said...

I guess you didn't get sucked into the Tea Bag Folding craze a few years back.

This card did turn out lovely.

Judy said...

You're right! Folding tea bags would have been my undoing!