Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sharing ideas and finds

A good friend, who has a studio to die for (!), put me onto this idea for storing stamps. Clear plastic frames! These were a thrift store find yesterday. They are 11"x16". I am also pretty sure you can still buy these retail. Just remove the pictures and the cardboard backing.
Arrange your mounted stamps inside. Actually, it's sort of like putting together a big puzzle!
Label the ends of each frame/box.
And then store them on a shelf where you can easily read the labels and find the stamps you are looking for when working on a project.
I love this chair!! I bought it from Kim who is pictured in the blog below from last Saturday. This is her first attempt at mosaics. Didn't she do a great job??!! I love the chair. Haven't decided whether to sell it a Merchant Square or keep it. Great chair!

The purse and the pillow were also thrift store finds yesterday. That purse is just stinkin' cute! Cute little dresses on a clothes line drying in the spring sun. The purse has never been used. Still has the cardboard stiffening inside. The pillow features ribbon embroidery which I think is beautiful! That's one craft I haven't tried. But this pillow was very spring-like, also!

Now, a discovery today. On Blogger you can now download more than one picture at a time! Blogger is ramping up!! Glad to see it! It takes just a few more seconds to download than it does to download just one picture. I downloaded the first five pictures all at once. The last picture I took separately and had to download it last.


jodieleparapluie said...

The chair is beautiful! Tell your friend i love it! Dont you just love old miss matchy furniture! :)

Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

O.K. girl... you are just too far ahead of me on all of this! I definitely need to take some time off and hang with you! I'm amazed!

Sweet Sage said...

So sweet of you to blog the chair!! I miss it! But now I am inspired to do more of them!
Thanks, Judy!

Chia said...

Years ago I thought I'd switch over to these photo frames. They were new on the market and the latest buzz in the stamping world. I bought some of them but quickly figured out that I had so many stamps I'd go broke trying to put them all in frames. I used the 8 1/2 x 11 size so they would fit into the stacking plastic letter trays like drawers.