Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Day Out with a Good Friend

Yesterday was a day out with my good friend, Hedy. Hedy lives here only during the winter months. Otherwise, her home is in Chicago. We love to shop together -- especially antique stores, thrift shops, and other places that need exploring. Yesterday we went to two new-to-us shops in Scottsdale -- Work of Artists and Rustic Stuff. We also stopped at the Scottsdale Marketplace and The Blue Peacock in Chandler. Great places to visit!

Christmas items were on sale at 75% off -- great finds for next year!I love the feathered wings garland and the snowflake garland I found at The Blue Peacock! Those wings are going to be cut apart and added to vintage photos! I can so visualize them under glass cloches. The other items came from Rustic Stuff. Love the Dream and gold angel ornaments.

Also found a wonderful hummingbird feeder at Work of Artists Gallery. It is made of copper wire and holds the feeder tubes at an angle for the hummers. It is hanging from the palo verde in the back yard. No visitors yet, but hummingbirds abound in the backyard sanctuary. This gallery is full of wonderful creations by Arizona artists. It is a must see for everyone! Check their website for more information.

One more thing to share. I recently found this book by Anna Corba, Vintage Paper Crafts. It was published in 2004 but has escaped my discovery until now. I have long admired her work because of its visual simplicity. It just works.
It is full of ideas, instructions, and images to use in projects. This is a good one.


Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

O.K. We need a week to go explore. I know I keep saying that but seriously, I need to get out! After CHA I have got to find some time to go hunting with you. You find the best "stuff".

JWood said...

Very nice! Glad you found some cool stuff shopping! I LOVE antique stores!