Friday, January 11, 2008

Love this vintage dress!

This dress caught my eye on a rack in a thrift store. It had to be the color! When I looked at it closely, I discovered that it is probably a late 1950's to early 1960's two-piece jacket dress. It is well made (made in the USA, generous seams, the plaid matches at seams), had not been worn (or worn only once), clean, in beautiful shape, and vintage. The metal zipper indicates that it is vintage. It was a totally wrinkled mess (like it had been "stuffed in a plastic bag wrinkled") so I brought out the iron and pressed it. Wow!! It looks great! Off it goes to Merchant Square today for some lucky person to buy. Wouldn't this make a cute "Sadie Hawkins" dance dress or a dress for a sock hop with a '50's theme?? A Wendy Woods label, size 7.

1 comment:

JWood said...

Adorable! Hmmm... wonder if my grand daughter can wear a size 7?!? Probably not yet, she's only nine! Great treasure Judy, use the image in your artwork!