Friday, November 30, 2007


Can you hear me screaming and pulling my hair out???!!!! I think my printer has died!!! It prints out an image that is crooked. When done, it grates and makes a horrible noise as the cartridges return to wherever! It tells me to clear the cartridges. How? Give me a clue, printer!

And I have two sets of ATC's due tomorrow!!!! Accck!!!!!! This means a trip to Best Buy to talk to a Geek Squad person and then to probably buy a new printer. Do I need this expense?? No!

Do you think I can install a printer by myself?? Guess again!! I am a total flake when it comes to installing printers, setting it up, whatever! Can you hear me screaming???!!!!!

I will probably be told it is easy. Yeh, right! The printer and computer were my DDH's (that's dear departed hubby) venue! He could do anything with this stuff. This has really upset my world! Hope the Geek Squad can help me! TODAY!

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Michael J & Lesley Fisher said...

No need to fear! Super dude is here!
Bring it with ya tomorrow! I'll fix it! Let me know what the squad says! "Super dude" don't always trust the geek squad! Nice boys.... but?