Saturday, October 13, 2007

LIVE Swap ATC's and more!

Here are the ATC's I received at the LIVE swap at Mystic Paper last evening. Aren't they gorgeous?! The theme was autumn and I think they all captured it in vivid hues.
My friend, Chia, recently had a contest on her web/blog and I was one of several lucky participants to win a box of beads! Chia was at the LIVE swap last night and presented to me my box of beads. There are some "pretties" in this box and I know they will find their way to a hat pin or two! If you check out Chia's blog you can see pictures of part of her collection. I am a beginner compared to her! Here are some of the happy swappers in attendance last night at Mystic Paper.In October both Kim and Jennifer celebrate their birthdays. Last evening at the swap there was a delicious (YUM!!) birthday cake. It was chocolate cake filled with a dreamy layer of a mousse-like filling. Wonderful!! Happy Birthday ladies!!
I took other pictures, but they were blurry. Hmm! Thought I had a steady hand and I know I used the image stabilizer on my camera. Operator error I am sure!!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Ohhh Judy,

So glad you took a picture of the cake. We both totally forgot!