Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Altered Tin - Scrap Box

This altered tin box I call "scrap box". I did it on a whim one day. I love doing these small projects because they are quick and easy.
I had the windows cleaned last week -- inside and out. I thought to myself yesterday that the birds will be flying into the windows thinking it is an opening. Earlier this morning a dove flew into the big window in my great room, then it flew over to the slider and onto the screen. It seemed frantic. Really startled me. I got up and went to the slider only to see this huge hawk trying to catch that dove!! Holy cow!! That really scared me! No wonder the dove seemed frantic!! I knew there were hawks in the area and that they hunt here. But I never thought I would see one flying up to my slider trying to catch a dove!!

I have also seen a small cottontail three days in a row now. I seem to scare him out of the bushes near my front door. He is small so I think he may be a baby. I hope the hawk hasn't seen him!

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