Friday, October 12, 2007

An Altered Tin - Coco Chanel

I love doing altered tins. I have 5 of them I would like to share with you over the next few days.
This first one is classic Coco Chanel. I did some research on Coco while making an altered book about Paris. Coco was a fabulous fashion designer in her time. The basic black dress and pearls were her signature pieces. I love the look! But black dresses and pearls are no longer in my wardrobe. But I do include them all the time in my antique booths at Merchant Square. (See my October 3 blog!).
And, of course, there is her signature Chanel #5 perfume. I love it! My husband often bought it for me as gifts. But kids come along and perfume goes by the wayside in favor of baby powder and Johnson's Baby Shampoo. The round "dots" you see on the left are actually tiny mirrors. When you look in the tin they reflect your image or the light. I actually found the miniature Chanel perfume bottle at an estate sale a long time ago. It fit in the tin perfectly!

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