Friday, October 12, 2007

Autumn ATC

This is my ATC for tonight's LIVE swap at Mystic Paper. The theme was autumn. I found both images in Memories of a Lifetime's "Florals & Nature" artwork book. Since the weather has cooled down some here in Phoenix, this evening should be delightful. I am looking forward to going. Kim and Jennifer have also added a lot of new things to the shop and I want to get some of the new crackle paint and ribbons that they showed on their blog this week. Because the weather has cooled off here in Arizona, sage is in full bloom. This is silver sage and it is just beautiful. You see it all over in the area. There is also Texas sage which is in full bloom, too. Sorry, no picture of it as yet.

I haven't been working on any projects this week. On Monday I had to clear off my kitchen island (aka my work table) because the house cleaners were coming on Tuesday. Since then I have been busy trying to get my fountain up and running, pricing items, and cleaning up and rearranging my booths at Merchant Square. All of which has occupied a lot of time. Getting the fountain up and running meant numerous trips to Lowe's and Radio Shack to get a remote box to run the fountain and a new electrical hook up to replace the remote that died. Gruesome! I wished that my husband was still alive. He was the wizard with electrical things! I know very little about electrical things other than I can get shocked.

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