Friday, October 5, 2007

Trouble bubbled!

This morning I went to Mesa to visit the ladies at Mystic Paper and to browse through RJ Peddler Antique Mall to see what treasures are left. But just as I left the exit gate to my community, there was a rummage sale at the church which is just outside the gate. Now, I don't pass up rummage sales!
The "rummage" was pretty well picked over before I got there. I didn't realize the sale started today. I thought it started tomorrow. Oh well! But I did get this hat for $1. Now, I don't wear hats. I do sell them in my antique booths, but not this kind. I bought this for the flowers, the ribbon (maybe, it is glued down pretty well) and the butterflies. The rest is destined for the trash bin. I am going to make the roses a bit more tattered. The butterflies will be used in a future art piece. My next stop was Mystic Paper to see Kim and Jennifer and to check out new stuff. After my visit there and a bit of shopping, I went to RJ Peddler to go through some of the stuff left in their shop. It is closing out and it is still full of vintage things. I found the button cards, the hooks and eyes and the bits of black trim. More things for junking up a book or ??
My next stop was where trouble began to bubble. Domestic Bliss! If you haven't been in there, you are missing something! I found the masked trickster, three alphabet balls, Trick and Treat tickets and a pair of beautiful pillow shams for my bed pillows. I can NEVER get out of there for less than $100 -- and today was no exception!Here is the trickster again, but the backdrop is a gorgeous spidery webby table cover, lamp cover, whatever. I found that at Bella Fine right next door to Domestic Bliss! They are double trouble for me!! Shown with the trickster are three of the ATC's I got back today from The Girls Club swap of last week.
The Girls Club ATC swap cards came back in this wonderful Halloween bag. Inside was a small bag filled with these papers, pictures, cards, netting, rick rack, and glitter. AND a small bag of candy corn -- which is my favorite! Yum! You don't see the candy?? -- it's gone! Thanks to Debbie Guffin for all of this fun! You are the greatest!! What a wonderful surprise!!
These are the ATC's I received in the swap.
These are going into the 7 Gypsies ATC holder.

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Too much fun Judy! I was down there admiring all of their Halloween items the other day.