Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gone for a few days!

Today I am headed to Payson with a good friend. We are going to spend two days at yard sales and the antique shops up there. She has already spent a lot of time this summer up there with her hubby and has scoured all the shops for the good places to look for goodies. Her hubby is staying home with the dog while we spend the time doing our favorite thing, hunting for treasures! So I will have pictures to post once I return late Saturday. Here are some pictures of the Vintage Bird Book that is nearly finished. The left page has a lace pocket with a tag in it. I love the old time bathing beauties on the opposite page!The bird on the right page has a lace piece on his wing and a twig next to him. The whole image is covered with netting that was sewn onto the page.

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Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

Whaaaaaa...take me with you!