Saturday, August 11, 2007

Art Unraveled Shopping Extravaganza

Another great Shopping Extravaganza at the annual Art Unraveled here in Phoenix! This year it was held at a new venue in Phoenix. More space for the Shopping Extravaganza! More places to spend your money! More new and exciting things to see! A real feast for the altered artist!

Of course, I did my share of power shopping at the Extravaganza. My first stop was with the Cowboy's Sweetheart, Deb Trotter, from Cody, Wyoming! She has the most wonderful buckaroo bags that she makes. I had to have one!

After I bought the bag I wandered down the hallway to view the other vendors. I saw Traci Bautista -- her work is colorful and wonderful! Tim Holtz was there doing a "bang up" job of selling his wares! Into the main room of the Extravaganza and I could see it was bigger than the last two years! Wow! Lots to see! Lots to buy!! Lots of friends to chat with!!

This photo shows the vintage fabric pieces I found. Huge flowers in fall colors -- fall is coming! Also bought a large bag full of "grandmother's vintage scraps". As you can see, there are old quilt pieces, fabric, beads, lace, trims, and lots more that is covered up! Also found a box of darling vintage Halloween stickers. Be on the lookout for a Halloween project from me real soon!

Also found were lots of goodies to "junk up" my pieces. Large pieces of handmade paper, bamboo tiles in different colors (more bracelets, Kim!), flowers (fabric and beaded), keys, stamps, mini strips, bingo cards, pewter branches, and colorful, clear tiddly winks. This is just a few of the things that I found at the Extravaganza. I spoke with an artist, Jen Osborn, who had some of her very unusual cards for sale. We discussed the unusual technique she used on the transparencies on her cards. Jen taught a class at Art Unraveled this week on the technique. So I asked permission to teach it and she gave me permission (she is not local). Be on the lookout for a class using the technique with transparencies. I will reveal no more! Keep watching!!

Our own Shirley Varkoly-Seay was a vendor there. She is always outside of Mystic Paper on the Night Out on Main Street in Mesa. Shirley does funky art with everyday things. She calls it "artsy fartsy". I asked her how she was doing and she was extremely happy with the sales and to meet the people there. Good show, Shirley!! You go girl!!

Exciting morning! If you haven't been to the Shopping Extravaganza at Art Unraveled, try to attend next year! It is eye candy for all of us!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

O.K. Judy I am green with envy! Glad you had such a good time. I'm for sure goin' with you next year!