Saturday, July 28, 2007

What to do with these?

I picked these old license plates up yesterday. I have two of the top version and 8 of the bottom version. What would you do with these? Even though they are from 1978 and 1983, they have never been used -- brand new.


Chia said...

Maybe you could cut them in half and make book covers out of them.

Thanks for joining the contest. Good luck!

Jennifer and Kim said...

I hope you bring your bounty up for a visit soon! What a, fun, fun!

Tautchia said...

I was going to suggest book covers, too. They make fabulous covers for scrapbooks. Since you have so many, perhaps you can make covers from them full size. Just drill 2 holes on one side and use shoelace leather or something equally as durable to tie the pages in.

Have fun!