Sunday, May 13, 2007

Great finds!

Out and about this weekend produced some nice goodies! Storage boxes!! How cool are these two boxes!! The old clothes pins and the tiny word cards were also great finds!! Thanks to RJ Peddler (Rick, Mike and Vickie)!!

Books cut into smaller pieces (Rick, get out that chop saw again)! What an idea! Wish I had thought of it! I see an altered book in the future! Plus a darling spiral bound book with pages of varying sizes. Just too cute! Kim, here I come to use that wonderful new binding tool you showed me!

Other good storage ideas. Can you believe it??!! A paint stirring stick with yarns wrapped around it!! Can't you just picture some color coordinated fibers/ribbons wrapped around the sticks and then stored in an open container -- how about something to decorate the top of the stick. Then there are the tiny red velvet puff heart, the heart "locket", the "nest" card and an "R" card for Ryan, my grandson who will turn one on June 1. Got an idea for a creation for Ryan! And really BIG clock hands. Don't know yet what I will do with those, but I will think of something!

Finally, do you see the purple/lavender buttons?? They are on floral wire that is twisted to keep them in place! Too cute for a plant stick! Great finds for this weekend!!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Jennifer and Kim said...

You are just busy, busy, busy! Happy Mother's Day!