Saturday, May 12, 2007

You learn something every day!

Last night at Friday Night on Main Street in Mesa, I learned something new. I took this tiny picture of the Civil War sisters to History By George to ask George about the stamp that was on the back of this picture. Turns out it is a tax stamp. It says "U.S. INTER. REV." on it and that stands for U.S. Internal Revenue. These stamps were placed on photographs only during the Civil War! The other picture I posted on May 9 was taken after the Civil War ended, thus no stamp. I learned something new yesterday!

Friday Night on Main Street was a lot of fun! Mystic Paper had a "LIVE" ATC swap and the cards were all great! I added 11 more cards to my collection! Had a lot of fun, met a lot of new people, caught up on the news of friends I had not seen for awhile, and just really enjoyed the evening. Too bad that nutty me forgot to bring my camera to snap pics of the fun (major brain freeze on that one)! Hope Kim and Jennifer post the pictures of the two "big birds" that were there! Check out their site today! Below is my ATC of "Winged Things" that I traded at the LIVE swap.

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