Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The most wonderful backyard

I have the most wonderful backyard! See the quail on the fence by the fountain? He is keeping watch while others feed near the fountain. I put seed out there every so often for them. I had to take the picture through the window so it isn't as clear as I would like. If I had opened the screen door he would have bolted. The view out my back patio is of all the yards going down the block. The entire area is a mini wildlife sanctuary. It is full of quail, doves, and a jackrabbit or two. On occasion there is a hawk that flys through to see what he can get for a meal. Last week there were three roadrunners -- one was running along the top of the block wall fences and two were running on the ground next to the fence. I couldn't get a picture of them. They were too fast!

Yesterday morning I was reading my latest issue of Altered Arts Magazine. Doing that always leads me in new directions (I won't go into how I stumbled onto this site -- too complicated and I don't remember!). I found a new (to me) website that was full of images and ideas. Images are free to download and there is a wealth of new ideas for your art. The site is art-e-zine. Check it out!

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