Friday, March 16, 2007

Yard sales finds

This morning I was up early and out to hit yard sales in my neighborhood. And I think I did all right today! More sales tomorrow plus a flea market and a church parking lot rummage sale! Most of what I purchased is for my booths at Merchant Square (one block south of Warner Blvd. on Arizona Ave. in Chandler). I love the girlie pink things and the shabby chic look -- but you won't find much of it in my house.

However, did you see the tiny scrabble letters from a travel size Scrabble set and the old hymn book? Great for scrapping!! It is such fun to see what a morning of yard sales will produce!

Lesson learned yesterday. I thought my printer was going to go "belly up", as my husband would say. Everything that printed out was the wrong color! Yikes! Can you imagine! Here I am in the middle of printing out pictures for ATC's and instead of getting green, it was bright blue? Horrors!! Off to talk to the Geek Squad to see what the problem was (after I had tried several things here at home). Discovered that it was probably the color cartridge! I made the mistake of trying a "refilled" cartridge after the salesman assured me that the store had purchased a very expensive refill machine, that the technology had improved for refilling cartridges, and the refills would be OK to use. Ah! Still not so! I replaced the color cartridge with a new one and -- problem fixed! The green was green again, not blue! Lesson learned! No shortcuts on ink cartridges for my printer. Only the best for my HP printer baby!

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