Saturday, January 21, 2012

Romancing the Home with Sweet Salvage

Sweet Salvage on 7th did it again this month with their Romancing the Home theme.  Beautiful displays and guest artist, Christie Repasy!!  Wonderful job everyone!  Now, let me share some pics of their displays with you today.  More tomorrow!
Here I am holding a copy of the February issue of Somerset Life that features Sweet Salvage on 7th.  Jen Cushman did a fabulous job of photographing and writing the story about these gals.  So if you subscribe or can pick up a copy, be sure to do so!  I haven't gotten my personal copy in the mail yet.  I subscribe, so it will be coming along soon!!
I met Christie Repasy immediately and was so excited to have my picture taken with her.  I asked her if she had brought along one of her petticoats and boot pictures and she had!  Last Thursday was my birthday and this picture was my birthday present from my family and my great friend Gail.
For now it is sitting on the chest in my entryway so I can see it all the time!

Romancing the Home!
 OK, let's get started with a few pictures of the goodies inside of Sweet Salvage.
 All you need is LOVE and the displays on Thursday were definitely put together with lots of LOVE!
 More sweet things and LOVE!
This bed is a great piece!  And I love the frames filled with old mirrors!  Great idea!

 Tiaras and a lovely picture of a girl.
Another friend who is one of the wonderful people who decorate and display for Sweet Salvage, Pat Hollenbach.  This is her area. 
One of Christie's framed pictures, a shabby lamp and plenty of ruffles!  So romantic!


Bohemian said...

A Belated Happy Birthday and you lucky Gal you, that is also my fav Painting that Christie had on display... it is one I'd eventually Love to own a Print of because it is so very Gypsy Chic. What a great Gift your Friends surprised you with! I'm so glad you got some fab panoramic shots of the Vignettes because I never can, the crowds are too thick to even attempt & most is already unfoofed & in shambles by the time I get inside. *LOL* I'm really beginning to rethink my Sanity of even trying to Photograph an Event or Show on Opening Day... more about that in tomorrow's Post. *Smiles* Going to Grand Openings is new to me because typically I avoid them like the plague & am not a Fan of shopping frenzies... but the Sweet Team put so much hard work into this and it is such an absolute Joy to behold that I've made an exception and braved the crowds on that 1st day of the Events. It really is Special isn't it!!!

Perhaps I'll see ya next time? *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

CeCe said...

Happy Birthday Belatedly... Isn't it just so perfect to be able to pick out your own "PeRfEcT" present. Enjoy!