Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I found a tutorial on how to make easy fabric roses on The Polka Dot Closet's blog.  She posted it here last June 2011, and I thought I would give it a try.  Had a few hiccups with fabrics and singeing the edges over a candle flame.  But I got it done and here it is.
It's about 3 1/2" in diameter.  You can see some of the singed edges, but I like that!  The center is a link from an old broken bracelet that was in my stash.  I am going to do a few more and see what they look like after a bit of practice.  Practice makes perfect!

Roses around my home!
 I have two of these small plates on the wall in my bedroom.
Roses on the dress form.
My grandmother's pitcher on the washstand next to my bed.
 Roses over the bed (at least I think they are cabbage roses!).
A favorite original watercolor of roses I found at an estate sale.
The one and only Christie Repasy roses picture I own -- to date!  I hope to change that at Sweet Salvage on 7th this Thursday!  Christie is their guest artist this month.  She will be there Thursday and Saturday this week.  Sorry about the color.  I took the picture using only the lights from over the mirror in the bathroom.  The flash would have washed it out since I was so close to the picture.


Sweet Man said...

I just adore the dress form and pictures! I'm sure you will have a blast at Sweet. :D I can't wait to see what artwork Christie will be bringing!

Warm Regards,
Jim Rawlins
Sweet Man

Bohemian said...

Judy your Rose Collections are gorgeous and the Rosette you made is Lovely! How lucky you are to own one of Christie's fab paintings... so, did you 'score' another one while at the Event? So good to see you there again... I SOOOOOOOOOOO wanted the one of the Cowgirl Boot with Rose and Ruffled Skirt... putting it on my extensive "Wish List". *Winks* It was so nice to finally meet Christie in person, she is so sweet and personable, we really enjoyed visiting with her.

Have a great weekend... Dawn... The Bohemian