Sunday, August 4, 2013

New art work this week . . .

I had some "forced" stay at home days this week and used that time to create some new art work.  Decided to use old book covers that were on nearly destroyed books.  Here's what I did:

I have a number of different "hangers" for this kind of mixed media work.  Love these shabby white ones.
 This is one of my favorite Paper Whimsy Beautiful Faces collage images.
Closer up you can see the stitching around the photo, the fabric and laces used and the trims.  
I tried my hand at resin as well.  Love this bezel by Susan Lenart Kazmer.  Another part of the Paper Whimsy Beautiful Faces collage sheet.
Going Fishin'
This is an actual old photo of this darling little boy holding a fishing pole.  Love his overalls and that cute, cute hat!  Isn't he just too stinkin' cute???!!  Love the wire hanger on this picture.
On this collage I just glued the original picture to the old book cover and added the trims and old buttons.
 Do You Like My Hat?
Next is an old photo that I just love.  I have had it for years and the things I like most are her hat and her blouse!  Beautiful!  And those partial gloves are fantastic!
An old book cover, old lace and cheesecloth.  Trims, ribbon and a pretty vintage crocheted flower.
I love the bit of pearl and lace trim at the top.

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