Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One of my favorite finds last weekend . . and a few more!

Besides our monthly visit to Sweet Salvage, Gail and I also visited Melrose Vintage.  They were having a big sale last weekend because they are closing for most of the summer only to open on the third weekend of the summer months.  Here are some of the items I found.
I have had my eye on this canvas for over a year.  I love it!  Melrose Vintage had it on sale at a great price and I snagged that baby right up!!
It is now on a wall in my bedroom and you see it as you walk down the hall to the bedroom.
I managed to snag three plateaus this weekend as well -- all at sale prices!  These are getting hard to find.  They will be used in my booth but they won't be for sale . . . yet.  Also found the old silver covered sugar bowl as well in a thrift store stop.
I have also had my eye on this shabby yellow bed table.  The top does open at a slant for reading in bed!  Something I never do!  But I am not keeping it.
Also got this little metal four drawer storage unit.  I love it!

These were my finds and several are staying home with me.  The rest are going into my booth at Merchant Square.

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Sugar Lump Studios said...

These are all such beautiful treasures! I especially love the little metal cabinet with drawers! Adorable!
Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! :)